Our Staff


Director of Marketing and Business Development
Agent # 01960070
(949) 721-8600 main line
(949) 809-0515 direct extension
(949) 752-2583 direct fax

In the past 18 years, Raquel has been active in marketing and office administration.  As Director of Marketing for BRAI, Raquel is responsible for communications and marketing activities of the company. She manages the in-house graphic specialist as well as directs the printers, public relation firms, and advertising agencies.  She oversees the creation and implementation of high-quality marketing strategies and deliverables, including new business development collateral, property marketing campaigns, brand management and compliance, promotional materials, event coordination, advertising, media relations, and web marketing. 

In addition to managing the administrative team, Raquel plans, coordinates and oversees various business functions which are performed by the other employees.  Raquel has exceptional problem solving skills.  She is personable and a leader by nature.  She is comfortable being pulled in every direction and is an effective multi-tasker. By being a natural leader, she is able to complete her daily duties in a timely and efficient manner.